Randy Mamola


Widely regarded as the most exciting and most charismatic grand prix motorcycle racer of his generation, claiming 13 grand prix victories and 57 podium finishes, Randy Mamola was a consistent challenger for the 500cc world championship title, finishing second on four occasions in the 1980s and early 1990s.

During the 1980s Randy worked with Andrea Coleman to help raise money in the GP paddock for children in Africa. When he travelled to Africa with Barry Coleman to see the results of this fundraising they saw broken down motorcycles that were meant to be helping health workers reach rural people. This inspired them to found what would become Riders for Health.

Randy is now a figurehead for Riders for Health in motorsport around the world, raising awareness of the lifesaving work that Riders for Health does. Randy helps to raise huge amounts of money each year at motorcycle events like Day of Champions and Day of Stars. His passion for and interest in people is always clear and he continues to be popular wherever he goes.

Among the many things Randy does throughout the year, Randy helps provide incredible, once in a ifetime experiences to raise money for Riders for Health. With the famous two-seat Ducati he gives people the chance to experience the speed, skill and athleticism of MotoGP riders when he takes people on pillion rides around Silverstone. He also gives people a chance to see backstage with tours of the exclusive MotoGP paddock and pit-boxes.

In 2011 and 2012 Randy led the Experience Africa ride to Zambia, riding from Lusaka to Livingstone and showing people how motorcycles were saving lives in the rural communities.

Randy is a board member of Motos Solidarias, the Riders for Health operation in Spain.

In 2004 Randy received the Dave Taylor Lifetime Achievement Award for services to motorcycling from Motor Cycle News in recognition of his fantastic contribution to the sport and his tireless work with Riders for Health.