The beginnings

In the late 1980s Barry and Andrea Coleman became aware that people in Africa were dying because they were not being reached with health care. The experts said that this was because it was impossible to keep vehicles running in Africa. The Colemans knew this was simply not true and they resolved to do something about it.

Twenty years after making the first plans for Riders for Health around their kitchen table their belief is unwavering: it is unacceptable that millions of people die because they do not receive the health care they need when the means to reach them exists. 

Riders for Health has now grown to an organisation that has programmes in seven countries across Africa, and improves access to health care to over 21 million people. 

Riders for Health has developed systems for training health workers how to do daily checks on their own vehicles, for technicians to travel out and service vehicles where they operate. Barry and Andrea are 25 years older, but their original idea is definitely catching on!