Payroll giving

Donate to Riders for Health on a regular basis, simply and efficiently, and help change the lives of people across Africa.

Want to help support our work the easy way? Then why not set up Payroll Giving. Payroll Giving is a scheme that makes it possible for you to donate to a UK charity straight from your gross salary, before tax is deducted. It gives you the benefit of immediate tax relief on your donation, so it costs just £7.80 for a standard rate tax payer to donate £10 to Riders.

To take part in the scheme, your employer needs to offer the Payroll Giving service. This means they are registered with an HM Revenue & Customs approved Payroll Giving Agency (PGA). 

Simply advise your payroll department that you wish to make regular donations and they will arrange for the donations to be deducted from your salary as a pre-tax deduction. The amount is then sent to your employers PGA and the agency sends the donation to Riders.

If your employer is not already registered with a Payroll Giving Agency, it is easy for them to do so. Read more about this on the HM Revenue & Customs website here.

For more information, please contact our fundraising and communications team at