Bikers race to transport precious cargo across Africa

07 January, 2013

Riders for Health is proud to say that we have been chosen as the international charity in the Times Appeal. 

In Saturday’s feature, Rick Broadbent talks to Riders for Health’s Country Director in Lesotho, Mahali Hlasa, or ‘the mother of all bikers.’ 

Mahali has a special relationship with Riders for Health, having been a health worker herself in the 1990’s. She understands better than most the severity of HIV/AIDS in Lesotho and the difficulty in reaching people living in remote communities. This lack of transport meant that many people were simply forgotten. 

‘It would take a day to walk to some of them and then you’d be too tired to do your work when you got there,’ she explains. 

When the opportunity came to learn how to ride a motorcycle to help he reach her patients, Mahali fought against the stereotypes and became one of the first female bikers in Lesotho. 

‘Most people were shocked when I started riding. When I took my helmet off, they couldn’t believe it,’ she said.   

You can read the full article here. To make a donation to get more health workers on the roads in Africa, click here.