The Times Appeal – Two-wheel revolution in health care

03 December, 2012

Riders for Health is proud to say that we have been chosen as the international charity in the Times Appeal.

Throughout December, the Times will feature inspirational stories and photos from our work in Zambia, The Gambia and Lesotho. 

In the first article, on the front page of Monday's newspaper, Lucy Bannerman writes about Mambwe Kaemba, a health worker from Zambia whose work has been transformed by her bright red Riders for Health Yamaha motorcycle. 

‘When I went on bicycle, people would be angry with me for being late, for not seeing everyone,’ Mambwe explains. ‘Even on public transport, we still had to walk many kilometres from the bus stop, carrying everything.’ 

Now she is able to do her work, vaccinating babies and delivering malaria treatment, on time, every time.   

You can read the full article here

The appeal marks five years since Riders for Health was first featured in the Times Appeal, and we are pleased to be able to show the world just what we have achieved, with your support, in that time.