Our approach

Riders for Health wants to see a world where health care reaches everyone, everywhere. We believe we are able to achieve this goal because we are practical, enterprising and collaborative in everything we do.

Riders is working to make sure the ‘last mile’ is the most important mile in health care delivery. We are creating, showing and sharing the solutions for achieving equitable health care, even for people who live in the most remote places.

Riders has three strong values. With our strong and single focus, they enable us to change health care delivery in Africa. 

Riders is practical

  • We have designed a practical and appropriate solution to a widespread, extremely severe, global health problem. 
  • We emphasise innovation in our work but recognise the importance of predictable systems.
  • We have created models that are underpinned by highly-trained staff, unique financial mechanisms and a good reputation.
  • We have created a monitoring and evaluation system to measure our impact.
  • We recognise the challenges in changing the behaviour of how people use vehicles for health care but we also see that this is best route to achieving our vision, so we don’t give up. 

Riders is enterprising

  • As a social enterprise we prioritise how money can work differently in development and how innovative financial models can optimise and conserve resources.
  • We are committed, alongside our partners, to achieving positive health outcomes and we meet this commitment by providing them with a high-level, professional service. 
  • We challenge preconceptions and change attitudes towards the role of transport in health care development. Such advocacy is now a fundamental part of our approach. 
  • We are pioneers of a different way of doing development – challenging the status quo in order to achieve long-term change. 

Riders is collaborative

  • We are focused on our partners. 
  • We operate across a number of countries and cultures. All our programmes are managed by local people so that the skills we build stay in country.
  • We work to highlight the issue of managed transport to help all health implementers see how they can strengthen their work. 
  • We recognise that there is more impact we can achieve through sharing our knowledge and expertise than through trying to contain it and do all the work single-handedly.