Our impact

Riders for Health’s reliable vehicles are improving access to regular health care for millions of people across Africa. Assessing the work we do and the impact we make is vital to ensure that we are constantly working towards our goal of reaching the most isolated people with health care, by strengthening health systems.

This means they can monitor disease burdens effectively and ensure that more communities know about prevention and control. They can also offer an important link between rural communities and a health facility when necessary.

With reliable transport, health workers spend less time travelling between communities and longer with their patients doing the job that they were trained to.

Or up to 175km away, in a year on motorcycles than on foot or by bicycle. This means even the most isolated areas can be offered equal access to health care services.

Health workers mobilised with reliable vehicles can travel further to reach more rural communities with health care. They can also offer an important link for referring rural communities to a health facility when they need it.

With reliable transport, outreach health workers can hold more health education meetings in communities across Africa. Sharing information on disease control and prevention means that people will understand how to prevent themselves and their children from getting ill. They will also recognise symptoms so that they know when to seek treatment.

In Lesotho, our motorcycle courier service has cut the time taken for test results to be returned to health centres by over half. Sample Transport speeds up the transportation of patient diagnostic samples and test results between health centres and laboratories so that patients can be diagnosed more quickly for life-threatening diseases such as HIV and tuberculosis(TB) and put on the necessary treatment.

In 2011 in the Gambia, three times more patients were referred from health centres to hospitals by Riders-managed ambulances. Ambulance referrals not only mean quicker and safer transportationbut they also mean better quality of care in transit as a nurse will accompany the patient.

In one year, Riders’ motorcycle couriers collect and deliver over 400,000 patient medical samples and test results between health centres and laboratories. With a quicker diagnosis, patients can be put on the right course of treatment much earlier helping them to lead healthy lives.

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Riders has improved health care access for 21 million people across Africa. We do this by ensuring health workers and health facilities have access to reliable vehicles to carry out their work effectively, so that communities across Africa receive regular, reliable health care.