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For nearly 25 years, Riders for Health have focused on providing reliable, cost-effective and practical transport services for health-focused organisations across sub-Saharan Africa. This helps our partners to make sure health care delivery is uninterrupted and reaches the people that need it.

Riders' expertise lies in managing vehicles for our partners – whether the vehicles are used to mobilise outreach health workers on motorcycles, transport samples and supplies to health centres, or are ambulances for emergency referrals. 

Our experience working in some of the world’s most remote areas is unrivalled. Whatever our partner’s need, our commitment is to design a customised transport solution at a sustainable cost.

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Sample transport

Riders’ courier system ensures medical samples are transported professionally and regularly from health centres to laboratories and results are returned promptly.

Supply chain distribution

Riders' expertise in supply chain management ensures medicines and health supplies are distributed quickly and reliably to the 'last mile'.

Mobilising health workers

Riders has 20 years’ experience managing and maintaining motorcycles used by outreach health workers.

Emergency referrals

Riders can effectively manage ambulances to form the basis of a reliable emergency referral system.


Riders offer training courses designed to keep drivers and riders safe and their vehicles in the best possible condition.