Mobilising health workers

There are not enough health workers to provide vital services to communities across rural Africa. However, with Riders for Health’s managed transport systems, outreach health workers can increase their productivity and coverage.

The majority of health professionals mobilised by Riders in Africa are outreach health workers, who are responsible for travelling to rural communities and providing  services such as health education, disease surveillance, immunisations, maternal and child health services and HIV counselling.

Often the most effective form of transport for these health workers is the motorcycle which is cheaper to run than a four-wheeled vehicle and can cover more challenging terrain.

Riders has 20 years’ experience managing and maintaining motorcycles used by outreach health workers and understands the challenges they face. We understand how critical their role is and how important it is that they can reach their communities regularly and predictably.

An estimated 2.9 million extra people each year have interactions with health workers due to the health worker having a Riders-managed motorcycle.

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