Riders for Health Lesotho, school, healthworker, newborn, mother
Riders for Health Lesotho, school, healthworker, sample transport, scenery, motorcycle
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Moving global health forward

Leaders in empowering the healthcare community with reliable transport throughout Africa.


Our unique system

  • Fleet management

    We have spent 30+ years running fleets for ministries of health and NGOs across Africa. Sustainability, cost control and road safety are our priorities.

  • Medical supply chain logistics

    We provide constant, reliable distribution of medical supplies to communities however distant or difficult to reach.

  • Outreach healthcare

    With vehicles managed by Riders, professionals can take health care and education to even hard-to-reach communities.

  • Sample transport

    Riders are experts in the safe and efficient delivery of bio-hazardous samples of infectious diseases for diagnosis.

  • Emergency health transport

    We run all-terrain ambulances and other vehicles for hospital referral.

  • Training

    Training for riders and drivers and technicians is an essential part of the service we provide.

News from our programmes

Hand sanitiser

Covid-19: Riders’ countrywide network of health workers and emergency transport services has become more important than ever.

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Ken Diko, Jogob Gassama, New app based entry systems

Digital transformation is radically improving the service we provide.

In the past thousands of paper forms needed to be completed by health workers but that is now all changing.

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Riders for Health® (Riders) is an international NGO and not-for-profit social enterprise. We are working to improve the capacity and efficiency of government and non-government healthcare delivery organisations across Africa.

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In Numbers

  • 47M people

    The number of people who are now reached with improved care because of Riders.

  • 30 years

    Riders has managed and systematically maintained fleets of vehicles in Africa for over thirty years.

  • 697 staff

    Staff working across our country programmes.

  • 1400 vehicles

    Vehicles used across five Riders programmes.

Get in touch

Contact any of our country programmes, or get in touch with our international team about working together, press and media, funding and more.