About us



Riders’ is unique. We have created transport systems designed specifically for health care delivery in Africa. Focusing on the ‘last mile’ we ensure that however far or difficult to get to, care can reach those who need it.

Our systems run end-to-end. We work with healthcare partners from the initial planning and budgeting of programmes, to procurement of vehicles and training of health workers to the retirement and replacement of vehicles.

Over our 30+ years experience across Africa we have developed long term and successful partnerships with multiple governments who have seen the huge benefits in outsourcing the transport element of health care to us.

Riders is African led. Run by nationals of the countries in which we work, we employ more than 900 men and women across all programmes, from apprentice mechanics to highly experienced country leaders.

Our guiding principles are a collaborative and enterprising approach and the use of practical, appropriate, cost-effective solutions.


VISION: A world in which health care reaches everyone, everywhere.


MISSION: To make the last mile the most important in health care delivery.


VALUES: Collaborative. Practical. Enterprising.