Weighing babies - The Gambia

The Gambia


In 2002 Ministry of Health and Social Welfare  outsourced all their health care fleet management to us. They use our systems to provide a comprehensive services including outreach care in villages and schools, collection and distribution of drugs, vaccine and other supplies and surveillance and containment of infectious diseases. This partnership has been a huge success. Knowing that their transport is is reliable means they can focus on achieving health goals.


In The Gambia, for almost 10 years, no pregnant woman – not one – has been lost because she failed to be delivered to an appropriate health facility.

Barry Coleman, co-founder, Riders for Health

Riders for Health, The Gambia

Screened at the 2011 Skoll World Forum award ceremony, this film is part of the Uncommon Heroes series, which highlights the work of Skoll awardees. In the Gambia, Riders for Health are managing reliable vehicles for healthcare delivery so that people don't die from preventable and curable diseases simply because health workers can't get to them.

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