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The Gambia

The smallest country within mainland Africa, The Gambia is long and narrow, and traversed by the Gambia River. The challenges include widespread malnutrition and disease that include TB, leprosy and malaria. Many people live in poverty, including over 70% in rural areas.


There are a number of hospitals but the major referral hospital is in the capital, Banjul, more than a six hour drive from the furthest reaches of the country. With the introduction of Rider’s services, for the first time in the nation’s history, health workers were able to reach every village ensuring basic health care was delivered to even the most rural communities. Since then Riders have run the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare’s (MoHSW) national fleet of health care vehicles using our innovative full-service leasing model.

Each of The Gambia’s public health centres now has an ambulance or trekking vehicle. Ambulances are used for emergency referrals while trekking vehicles support the delivery of staff to outreach clinics and regional activities like immunisation campaigns.

Our countrywide network

We have built vehicle maintenance units across The Gambia. Our main office and maintenance centre, central parts stores and training centre are located in Kanifing just outside the capital, Banjul.

Because of this network, technicians can provide outreach servicing for health workers’ vehicles wherever they operate.

We support outreach health care across The Gambia with our nationwide fleet of motorcycles. Our infrastructure enables the delivery of key health interventions to any location in the country, no matter how remote.

There’s a big decline in malaria in the Gambia thanks to effective drugs and interventions that can now be delivered to communities because of our transport.

Che Jallow, Programme Director, Riders for Health, The Gambia


Riders The Gambia - In operation since 1999

Riders for Health the Gambia has been delivering health services to the population since 1999.

5 workshops

We have built maintenance units & fuel stations throughout the country in Kanifing, Mansakonko, Bansang and Kerewan

Healthworker on motorcycle - Basse The Gambia

409 vehicles

We run 272 motorcycles, 69 ambulances and 68 other vehicles.

Staff - the Gambia

258 staff

Our staff includes leadership, admin, drivers, supply-chain management and technicians.

70 trained

Riders and drivers trained ride and maintain vehicles each year. *2018 figures

Riders for Health - The Gambia

Screened at the 2011 Skoll World Forum award ceremony, this film is part of the Uncommon Heroes series, which highlights the work of Skoll awardees. In the Gambia, Riders for Health are managing reliable vehicles for healthcare delivery so that people don't die from preventable and curable diseases simply because health workers can't get to them.

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Riders for Health, The Gambia

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Kanifing Estate,
The Gambia

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