By providing robust transport systems we have transformed healthcare in the regions where we work.

President The Gambia Adama Barrow“The long standing partnership between the Ministry of Health & Social Welfare and Riders for Health…is an innovative model of public private partnership, facilitating the availability of ambulances, vehicles and motorcycles.”

President Adama Barrow, The Gambia

In numbers

  • 47 million

    People we reach with health services

    The Gambia - Entire 2.1M population.
    Lesotho - Two thirds of the 2.2M population.
    Nigeria - 20M people in 23 states.
    Malawi - Entire 18.6M population.
    Liberia - Entire 4.8M population.

What we've achieved

Our programmes are making huge impact on healthcare in the regions where we work.

Lab samples

Turnaround time for test results halved

In Lesotho the average turnaround time for patients receiving their test results has been cut in half. Before Riders’ ST programme, it took 15 days for a health centre to receive patient test results from the laboratory. Now it takes just a week meaning that the patient can be put on the correct course of treatment faster, benefiting their health and the health of those around them.

Improved community education

With reliable transport, outreach health workers can hold health education meetings each month in communities. Sharing information on disease control and prevention means that people will understand how to prevent themselves and their children from getting ill. They will also recognise symptoms so that they know when to seek treatment

Greater healthcare coverage

Health workers mobilised with reliable vehicles reach 6x more people with health care. They can also offer an important link for referring rural communities to a health facility when they need it.

Greater reach

Riders for Health’s reliable vehicles are improving access to regular health care for millions of people across Africa. Assessing the work we do and the impact we make is vital to ensure that we are constantly working towards our goal of reaching the most isolated people with health care, by strengthening health systems.

Moblised health workers go further

Mobilised health wokers go 4x further, meaning they can monitor disease burdens effectively and ensure that more communities know about prevention and control. They can also offer an important link between rural communities and a health facility when necessary.

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