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Riders Malawi motorcycle sample training transport

Riders Malawi programme update 2021

Riders Malwai operates a very successful a sample transport programme across 29 districts of the country. This report details the challenges and successes the programme experienced in 2021.


End of Year Review 2020

Providing world-class vehicle management and healthcare mobilisation services to African nations, Riders were on the front line as the nations we work in responded to the outbreak COVID-19. 

News: Lesotho

Maintaining Riders’ Gold Standard: Upgrading and Reskilling in Lesotho

Riders have established ourselves as world leaders in the management and maintenance of vehicles for health-focused organisations. Currently running transport programmes in five African countries, we have a reputation for exceptionally high standards. But how do we keep our quality of service high across multiple country programmes as time passes, staff change and systems evolve?

Riders malawi
News: The Gambia

Riders Malawi pivots to deal with the new threat of Covid-19

Since 2013, Riders for Health have been the national sample transport operator in Malawi. With the outbreak of Covid-19, it was natural that we were tasked by the Malawian government with providing all sample transport to the nation in relation to the virus. 

News: Lesotho

Extending our service in Lesotho to tackle COVID-19

Lesotho reported its first case of COVID-19 on 13th May, the last African country to do so. Numbers of cases are are rising and deaths are being reported daily. Two Wheels have been able to help fight the challenge faced by the Lesotho programme with motorcycles, ambulances, training, digital services and additional staff.


Working with DataKind to save time, and lives

We have partnered with DataKind as part of our digital transformation programme to explore new and powerful ways to produce digital data from handwritten forms in an aim to create greater efficiencies in their healthcare delivery service and allow them to reach patients faster and more efficiently.