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Running health services with zero breakdown for almost a decade.

Riders Map MalawiRiders for Health have been providing a reliable and efficient transport system to the Ministry of Health and for healthcare focused NGOs in the country since 2011.

Since the start of the programme we have run with zero breakdowns across our services and transported over 400k biological samples safely  to labs for testing and speedy diagnosis.

Our services focus on supporting the government and other organisations combatting HIV AIDs and TB.



Operating since 2011

Malawi - riders branded motorcycle

86 Vehicles

79 motorbikes and 7 other vehicles

Malawi team

111 Staff

Including workshop technicians, sample couriers and office staff

Malawi - healthworkers on motorcycles

2M Kms

Distance covered a year by the fleet

Malawi - healthworkers on motorcycles

Riders for Health Malawi

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