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Many of our country programmes have been running for over 30 years, but in some countries programmes have ultimately failed for a variety of reasons. See below the full list of countries we have worked in since Riders began and the history of activity there.


International Academy of Vehicle Management (IAVM) in Harare, Zimbabwe

Started in 1993 this Riders programme ran with great success for many years. We ran the entire Ministry of Health (MoH) fleet of ambulances and motorcycles for outreach and it was in Zimbabwe that we established our International Academy of Vehicle Management (IAVM), based just outside Harare, which offered training in road safety, vehicle management and maintenance. The academy was an international centre of excellence in rider and driver training for health workers.

The Zimbabwe programme ground to halt due to political and economic collapse in the country.


We worked in the Eastern province and Southern province mobilising community health workers to reach rural communities. We had to withdraw from Zambia as central government could not take over the core running costs, essential for the long term success of a Riders programme.


We partnered with faith based organisations to train HIV positive women ride motorcycles so they could reach communities with valuable education. They women were trained (by another organisation) in how to help women who were stigmatised because they had HIV.  They educated and supported them in terms of nutrition, HIV treatment and management of their condition as well as helping them find and sustain income generation.

Ultimately the Riders programme in Kenya failed as it was not embraced by the MoH and Riders programmes cannot work long term without government buy in.


We worked on a stand alone project here training motorcycle riders for the MoH but no longer have a presence in the country.

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